B.Ed Full-Time  2017-2018

The aim of this course is to develop a sociological understanding of education in the Republic of Mauritius, with special reference to primary education. It will develop understanding of diverse sociological perspectives, help learners inquire into teaching and learning, critically assess schooling experiences and inquire into schools as sites for social change.

It is necessary to develop understanding of schooling and skills to view schools in terms of the diverse actors, understand that there are diverse ways of looking at schools and schooling based on research grounded in the local context. It is also necessary that teachers develop an understanding of their profession and their client, while being conscious of the relativity of social behaviour. The course should also empower teachers to critically reflect on their own practices, thus address their profession and education using a ‘sociological imagination’.  

This module will prepare you with the attitudes, competencies and skills to teach English literature at secondary level. 

At the same time, this module will also be a means to carry out your own evaluation as far as subject content knowledge is concerned, and identify the challenges you might face as educator when teaching this subject.